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Against the grain

Against the Grain, a series in sight,

Born of turmoil, in the world's twilight.

Generational trauma, we carry within,

From families conditioned, where do we begin?


Guided by expectations, our life's chore,

But do we truly know what we're living for?

Inward we must delve, to find our truth,

Amidst the echoes of ancestral youth.


Acting on beliefs, or what we're taught,

Yet, our own essence remains unsought.

Without the weight of past's lament,

Do our convictions hold their content?


Sometimes, against the grain we tread,

To find the grain where we're truly led.

In defiance of norms, we seek our way,

To uncover the light that leads the day.


Against the Grain, we find our voice,

In the depths of choice, we rejoice.

For in the struggle, in the pain,

Lies the essence of what we gain.

Shveta Maini

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