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Shveta Maini’s journey to becoming a mixed-media contemporary artist is shaped by myriad influences.

Her formal training as a textile designer and illustrator informs her detail-oriented approach to surface print design. However her painting process, is more organically intuitive and spontaneous – allowing emotions to spark creativity and colour the canvas, usually in one sitting. She explores diverse themes – both complex and mundane – translating everyday experiences into artistic expressions.

She’s particularly inspired by the dynamic interplay of nature, applying exhuberent colourways and bold brushstrokes to interpret ethereal landscapes and vibrant wonderlands.

Broadly using elements of expressionism and abstraction, her paintings reflect a mastery of colour theory and organic rendering for a distinctive, vibrant style all of her own.

Shveta’s home-studio in Hertfordshire, nestled near verdant woods, is the perfect setting to channel this passion; and her husband, two children, and dog, the perfect companions.

Shveta has successfully exhibited in India and London. Her art is sold through various curated platforms. She approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.

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