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Liminal Spaces

This new series called Liminal Spaces has been a result of the horrific war in Ukraine. It has forced the artist to explore an impermanent state that shows her the fragility of any system. Liminal Space comes from the latin word "Limen"which means threshold. To be in a liminal space means to be on the precipice of something new but not quite there yet. A time between two worlds- one known and the other unknown, to be in that space feels like you are in limbo and that certainly is an uncomfortable feeling! 


The liminal experience of war is in itself a gateway to the knowledge that EVERYTHING is susceptible to irreversible change. War forces change- whether we like it or not! Every individual is forced to cross what was familiar and for a while live in a liminal space. And whilst she is not living in a war torn country and is not directly impacted by its constant destruction and loss, she has felt deeply, what it would possibly be like if she were there and that feels very real to her. 

Contemporary Mixed Media Abstract art
Contemporary Mixed Media Abstract art
Liminal Spaces 2.jpg
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