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This series titled “Layered” was brought to life by a recent trip to the breathtakingly beautiful Devon Coastline.


Earth powerful beyond measure yet fragile at its core! And we as humans are so similar in that aspect. 

We are fragile at our core but yet we don’t know what we are capable of till we are faced with adversity in the face.


The Artist who is deeply inspired by nature on a recent trip to the gorgeous coastline of Devon discovered that she was drawn to the way the landscape were textured and cut depending on how protected or how vulnerable and exposed it was to the other elements. 

It was clear that some parts of the coastline that were tucked away between mountains were breathtakingly beautiful and protected whereas some looked like they were in need of lots of love and protecting. Either way they all possessed a beauty of their own.

Whether the waves crashed on the shores angrily, or then making their way softly into the sandy beaches during high tide, seemed as though they were yearning for more ways to connect with the land.


Just like nature we are layered and shaped by where we are born, what experiences we live, the people who come into our lives. But most importantly we are always looking for connection.

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